At the age of 12, I started playing the guitar.

My inspiration came from my sister and brother’s music collection on vinyl - ELP, Deep Purple, Stones, Pink Floyd, 10 cc, and rock, pop and soul  music generally.

I also listened to Jazz from my stepfather and ‘ Blues " from my sister’s friends.

My first guitar solo I copied was “Highway Star” by ‘Deep Purple’.

I was really determined to learn that song!

Then later, I learnt the ‘Pink Floyd’ song “Another Brick in the Wall”

and I played this live in front of my secondary school friends. . . woaawh :))

. . . . . . I now REALLY understood that is was music I wanted to do !:)

I became hooked on the band ‘City Boy’ with their complex arrangements

and beautiful background vocals.

My memory of an influence of jazz to our music style around that time, is strong:

Living in Trondheim, Norway , I started to study at Heimdal High School

where I took classes in ‘Bopjazz’ . During those 3 years of study,

I listened mainly to Jazz but also to Heavy Metal music

. I particularly liked Van Halen and Frank Gambale.

I remember I almost did not believe what I was hearing when I

discovered John Mc Laughlin and Allan Holdsworth.

Actually, I transcribed a couple of songs by Allan Holdsworth and

performed “Home” from the legendary record “Metal Fatigue” at my final examination

. . . and I was very proud of myself :)

I started to study in Trondheim at a college for music teachers.

We formed a band called ‘Free Beer’ :))

. . . which was a ‘Blues’ band and in which I played bass.

I became a keyboard player in a band called ‘ Day by Day ’ .

Later I also started playing guitar in a cover band where we played ‘ToTo’,

‘Tower & Power’ and other ‘funkmusic’.

Some time later I started a record project for children ,

the same time as I studied computer science and social anthropology .

We also formed the latino-jazz trio ‘Las Lineas’ in that time.

I started to study music technology and recorded my first song in a

jazz inspired techno genre; ‘The owl’.

...............more about my ambinet, techno, acidjazz, electronica project here : 


It was really a lifechanger for me, to pass my first exam in history

of philosophy at NTNU ( University of Trondheim ) and really 

let mymind reach for something that can allow for multiple interpretations.

also, in computer science, especially programming ( in Delphi / Palcal )

I developed some changes in mindset and brain structures ,

and  managed to keep track of larger structures and therefor

developed myself musically too.

Some years later I coformed some different jazz projects’.

In 2020 I started a filmproject here in Meråker

 where I am  going to be an actor, writer,  director, producer and whatever needed.

In 2019 I decided to release som of my rocksongs I have written. First EP of 5 songs will be released early in 2020. MOre info at  :

In the summer I am shooting a full feature movie , for which I wrote screenplays and are Producing and acting in as well. Title  :  " Land For Sale "

I should perhaps also mention that

I play all instruments, sing, do all programming and recording engineering myself.

It is important for me to emphasize that I do not use any kind of auto-tuning,

or intonation-correcting programs.

And that I want to make the music as authentic as possible.

I shoot, edit and produce my own videos too .

I really do hope to personally meet you at a concert one day soon! :)  

Best regards and thank you for reading this.....


  • Music High School
  • Bachelor in Music
  •  Social Anthrophology from University
  • Computerscience from NTNU

Per Merakerli